It’s That Time of Year Again

Going over what is in my To Be Read pile

I usually start the new year with a pile of books that I can’t wait to read, but 2022 is a little bit different. I’m starting out the year with a pile of books that are to be read – that have been there for quite some time.

At the end of 2021 I hit a reading rut. I had created a decent habit of reading a little bit every night at bedtime. It would calm me and settle me down. And then I stopped. I’d read here and there. I’ve been working on the same book since September, maybe August.

It’s very sad.

I tend to go in reading phases. I’ll knock 60 books out in a year. Or, before 2017 when I started tracking my reading, I’d gone YEARS without picking up a book. I don’t want to get back to that – not reading at all – so a goal of mine for 2022 is to make it a good habit once again.

The books I have in that dusty pile from 2021 are:

Essence by Mandi Lynn

This is the first of Mandi Lynn’s books I’ve read and I truly do love it. I feel bad that my “reading rut” hit while I was in the midst of this one. The book tells the story of Amelia (Emma) who dies and becomes and Essence and her journey of learning that that means.

Mandi is a self published author that I look up to and admire. I found her on YouTube and grabbed this book off her website. I hope I can dig out of this rut so I can finish this and move on to more of her books. Her writing grips you in the moment and her book cover design is epic!

Heartbreak Bay by Rachel Caine

This is the last book in the Stillhouse Lake Series by Rachel Caine. I’ve had this book in this pile since it released in March 2021. The author passed away before this was released, so it’ll be the last book in the series. I hate goodbyes and endings, so knowing there will be no more is going to be a hard pill to swallow. The series follows Gina Royal and her fight to seperate herself and her children from the horrendous acts of her ex-husband and his psychotic followers. It’s a fantastic read and an absolute page turner. Once I’ve read the entire series, It’s one I see myself reading over again to relive the suspense. It’s that good.

Breakthrough by Joyce Smith (also released as The Impossible)

This one is based on a true story and has been made into a movie, which I’ve seen already. I’m a sucker for a good true story. This one is heart wrenching. Joyce Smith tells the story of her son who fell through the ice of a pond and essentially died and was resurrected. It’s a faith based read as well, so if that’s not your thing, skip it, but otherwise, I’m really looking forward to this one. The movie was great but I feel like the book on which the true stories are based have just a little bit more information and meat in them.

Craven Manor by Darcy Coates

I have lists of books everywhere that I want to read, and this one has been on that list for a while. It’s been in this dang to be read pile nearly all of 2021. As I’m typing this, I can’t even remember the premise of the book, but it’s got to do with a rotting, old, probably haunted mansion and that’s right up my alley. Creepy, huge old houses falling apart with some kind of marred history. Yes, Please. I can’t wait for this one!

Her Best Friend by Sarah Wray

This was a Christmas gift so it’s on the top of that 2021 pile. I felt like I’ve read a Sarah Wray novel before, but I can’t find it in all my lists, so I guess not. The author just seems so familiar. I’m not positive what this one is about either since it was a gift, but it sounds great by the tag line. Would I do anything to save my Best Friend? I’d like to think so … or would I?

There they are, the first five books for 2022 (or the 2021 leftovers, however you want to look at it). The thought of reading is starting to feel exciting again so I’m praying these don’t end up on a 2023 list.


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