IMG_8981Brandi MacCurdy is a self-published writer and full time legal assistant. She was born in March 1983 in Central Florida and grew up in a quiet community surrounded by a large family. In that same community to this day, Brandi is married to her husband, Jasen, and they have one daughter. Her first two books, Destined and Endless, were self-published in March 2016.

Brandi’s nana, Pauline, was always her biggest supporter. She had a love for all books and showed Brandi the magic that they held. She had always believed that Brandi would achieve her dreams of becoming a writer. After her nana’s passing in March 2015, Brandi began the journey into self-publishing to take these wild dreams and make them a reality.

Her latest projects, Undeniable and Entirely were self-published in the Summer of 2016. These first four titles follow the adventure of the Enders family and the wonders that life holds. An exit from these introductory characters, Brandi’s fifth novel, Escape, will bring to light new characters and places to fall in love with. Becoming, the sixth novel by Brandi MacCurdy will be a step in a different direction. A change from the excitement and constant movement of being a teenager navigating life, Becoming shows the unforgiving expectations of being an adult and how our early experiences shape and mold us into the people we were meant to be.