The Conflict Thesaurus IS COMING

The Conflict Thesaurus releases October 12th.

And they’ve done it again, you guys. Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi are releasing another book in their Thesaurus Series – this one all about Conflict. And the best part? It’s VOLUME 1.

If you are not familiar, Writers Helping Writers is an endless resource for any level of author out there. The website is a treasure trove of information that seems refilling everytime you check it out.

Part of their immense stock, is the The Thesaurus Series. Each book in the series dives into a different aspect of descriptive writing with guides, insights and examples.

The latest is this golden beauty – The Conflict Thesaurus Volume 1 out October 12th.

And, of course, no story is complete without some form of Conflict. It’s arguable that every author out there could use a brush up with what struggles their characters can encounter.

The time and effort that went into creating this resource is unimaginable. There are endless amounts of possible conflicts for your character to face. Conflicts that you didn’t even think possible! I love reading a good resource, doing my research and finding something that makes me think “There is no way I would have ever considered that!”

Click here for your reminder to pick up your copy of the Conflict Thesaurus on October 12th!

Come back to the blog for an in depth review of The Conflict Theasurus before it’s release!


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