May 16, 2016

There are a lot of things that inspire people each day. Inspire them to do well or to make positive change, or even inspire their passions.

Inspiration for my writing comes from just above everything – moments that have happened, moments that I wish had happened, people, places, dreams or images.

Music is a huge inspiration when it comes to writing for me. The lyrics to a song, the way they are laced together to create a short story of its own.

There have been three specific times I’ve been listening to a song and the lyrics and the image they paint bring about inspiration. These instances have inspired three novels. Just the imagery of a song can ignite an idea that takes off like wildfire.

Endless was one of the products of this type of inspiration. (I’ll warn you now, possible spoilers ahead) I was driving, listening to a new CD I had bought and this song came on. And I hit repeat at least ten times. The haunting melody, the words of pain; it just took off. I could see a woman, sad, with her head down. The autumn air blowing wildly, tree leaves rustling about as she climbed stairs into a church. That was it, that was the whole vision and the idea was off. I started writing immediately and Endless was incased in those feelings and those images.

I’ll save the other two moments for when their stories are out for everyone – Becoming and Escape – keep your eyes peeled.

I love how inspiration can be anywhere, it’s all around us. Grab yours and let it ignite your wildfires.


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