18525433_cover pic small  In her debut novel, Destined, Brandi MacCurdy has created a touching world of everlasting family and unbridled love. A love that was destined to be, that transcends all obstacles; even those of scorching tragedy.

What would you do if love, unexpectedly, came walking through the door?

You know a couple like Becca and Jamie, the ones that are engaging, intelligent and inspiring. They make the adventure of life and love look easy, even when it’s scattered with heartbreak and distain. In the wake of growing up, Becca and Jamie face adversity and joy in the way that we all should: together and with love. When the sudden impact of loss shatters all that Becca and Jaime hold dear, the strength of family and their love will carry them through. As a journey of two souls who are meant to be together is explored vividly, Destined is a story entangled with family, hope, loss and above all else, love.