Author Q&A

IMG_8926What is your book Destined about?

Destined is a joyful look at first love. The moment it hits you and the moments that follow that just thrust you into a new world. It also touches on the roots of love, how deep they run and who is affected.

What is your book Endless about?

It’s about the changes life can throw at us and how quickly they can turn everything upside down. Daily life is full of every emotion it seems. When you throw in traumatic loss, great joy and surprise and even unexpected love, you realize the process of life is ever changing and you can only try to plan for it. Our lives don’t like to go by our plans.

Did you write the books in chronological order?

No, I didn’t. I wrote Endless first and then decided a little backstory was needed. I put some thought into it and decided to dive into writing Destined.

What was your inspiration for these books?

The inspiration for Endless came from a song. The melody was haunting and I could just picture a young woman, with autumn air and leaves swirling around her, solemnly heading into a church. That seed of a vision became Endless. After writing Endless, the nagging feeling of not knowing Jamie inspired me to explore the background of these characters in writing Destined.

Why did you chose to self-publish?

To be honest, I thought it would be quick and easy. I had no idea all the work that goes into it. I wouldn’t trade it, though. It’s been a learning process and I enjoy every setback and each triumph.

Have you had any assistance with the process of self-publishing or editing?

There has been quite a bit of internet research, but I think my biggest help has been my best friend, Sara. She has read and reread and edited and reedited and even typed some of my projects. She’s been an irreplaceable help with my upcoming projects Undeniable and Entirely.

Who are your favorite writers?

I enjoy a writer that can take me on an adventure. I love being able to escape into those pages, it’s amazing. I love Gregory Maguire, Shirley Rousseau Murphy and Nicholas Sparks. I’ve yet to encounter a book I didn’t like.

What do your future projects look like?

I have several upcoming projects. Undeniable will be my next self-published book, as well as its sequel, Entirely. I’m currently in the writing process of my fifth book, Becoming, which is a little bit of a departure from the first four books I’ve written.

Besides writing, what are some other things you are passionate about?

My family, my daughter and my work. I love writing, I enjoy writing what I like to read. I couldn’t do any of this without my family and my daughter is my absolute light. I have a full time job as a legal assistant, which I’ve enjoyed since I started over ten years ago. Surrounding yourself in enriching environments is key to a passionate life.