18593280_cover small  In the wrenching follow up to Destined, we follow the course that life takes after loss. In this emotional story, we submerge ourselves in painful grief, shattering sadness and agonizing forgiveness.

Losing the love of your life creates wounds, holes within the soul that are permanent.

Becca is alone and broken after the loss of Jamie. Everything she had ever lived for, had ever known and had ever wanted is suddenly gone. An unexpected gift left behind by Jamie will push Becca into a life she never dreamed possible. This small miracle gives Becca the light to accept what her life has become and her ability to be happy once again. With the years passing her by, Becca’s love for Jamie never falters and seems to transcend life. However, when another sudden twist teaches Becca that there are many different kinds of love to be experienced, and that life is forever changing, she must realize what her definition of endless love really is.